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Brand Shooting with and for Ella Vey.

When Ella asked me if I was down to take a few pictures of her I didnt even have to think about it. We've been friends for a very long time so therefore there was no classic shooting awkwardness that often happens with shootings. And to be honest? I fully understand it! Being in front of a camera can be scary and of course we all have flaws.

My task as a photographer and especially when taking natual looking branding portraits is to make every person beautiful and confident in their own way.

We created a few moodboards and talked about Ella's vision. She said she wanted simple portraits and since the weather conditions weren't great on that day we decided to shoot in a natural light Studio in Berlin.

Here are some of the best shots of Ella (and oh boy, there are so many more)


Here are a few results. 

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